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Mark Arthur

August 11th, 2007

Alright so a few days ago I was just checkin out youtube, you know, typing in the names of the different artists we play on the show, and so I type in r-swift, a regularly played artist on the show, and also, the first Gospel, or “Holy Hip Hop” artist I really even liked, and I find this plug for a cat named Mark Arthur. As far as I know he is just barley on the comeup, so most likely you’ll have heard it here first. Now you can go out and tell your friends about this new cat who is just SOLID hip hop for the Lord.

Mark Arthur live with R-SwiftI just got his latest album “Handycapped”
and couldn’t be more happy with it, with featured artists like, R-Swift, and James Maccabbee, you really cant go wrong, as if he needed them though — just go copp this album and listen for yourself.

you can get his myspace here

Also don’t forget that we will be on live tomorrow at 8 to 10pm (PST) click that webcast link on this site to listen in live during those times.

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