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Dae-Lee : The Reason

August 20th, 2007

What up everyone, Pinecone here with an album review, this time it’s Dae-Lee’s freely available mixtape “The Reason”.
He just hit me up earlier today, letting me know about it and man am I grateful for not only that email, but for a cat like Dae-Lee releasing these tracks free of charge. Tell me hearts not in that, ha.

This mixtape isn’t even your run-of-the-mill mixtape either, this thing HITS. It is well recorded, well thought out, and the MP3s are CD quality.

Besides all this technical stuff, this thing is just Christ centered. the whole album. Tracks from this album will be heard on the show for a while, you better grab it now, so that you can be singing along during this weeks show.
If you end up downloading it, you will see that he is asking for donations through paypal, if you like it enough consider giving a few bucks, I know I did. And don’t even think he put me up to sayin that.

Dae-Lee the reason
Click here to download the album.
Dae-Lee’s Myspace page

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