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Rob Vick-“Whole”

December 18th, 2007

When the track began the sample caught my attention…. The Production is good and the beat is well produced.

I’m excited to hear “Rob Vick” develop his writing into a mature lyrical ambassador. His writing style crutches on the likes of Kanye/Lupe/Jay-Z…. Its not a bad sound… but I’m expecting more L.C. (Lyrical Content) especially to lay on this smooth sounding melody.

My favorite part of the Song is the Hook “If I could just touch the heel of his Garment I know….I’ll be whole which is a reference to Mark 5.28… Good Job Inserting Scripture

From Msubstance to “Rob Vick” -”Keep Writing, take that as Constructive Criticism and keep The Lord First”

Overall I like the song “Whole”.

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