Holy Hip hop Radio


Summer 11

September 8th, 2008

“O God, we give glory to you all day long and constantly praise your name.”
Psalm 44:8

Constantly, now I think that’s tough, but lets live it this week the best we can.
Enjoy the show!

E-rcok – ear to the track feat vex the vortex
enock – nocroduction
Trip Lee – Christ or Cash
JSon – In The Studio
Cram Session MCs – Sunrise
kaleb starr – if i was a thug
Japhia Life – Think What we Had
Tedashii – This Song is For You
R swift – Me on my soapbox
1 Way – Underground Sound ft. Young Joshua
Precise – They Tellin Me
The Warriors – The Message
Theory Hazit – Nobody Say
The Prophetionals – O-H-I-O *NEW
Trip Lee – Cling To You
The Procussions – Changes
Legin – Believe Thee
Fros-t – To Much Religion
Mark J – Sundown Wars
Brotha Tone – True Worship
LPG – Old Emcees
Soul P. Goodness feat Lisa Kimmy
True Life – Productive
Beat Rabbi and Deep Space 5 – Similac
The Ambasador
Lecrae – Jesus Music
Red Lettaz – Lord Have Mercey
Stu Dent – Portable Eclipse feat Relic *TRACK OF THE NIGHT
Theory Hazit – Nobody Say
Hans Soul – Heavenly Father

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