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09-04-10 RHH

September 5th, 2010

Cory Red “A Bump In the Night”
R-Swift “Lifetime”
Young Joshua “Things Pass”
Teddy P. “Long Way To Go”
JustMe & Cas Metah “Close To Home”
Viktory “Count On Me”
Dre Marshall “9 to 5″
Dillon Chase “It’s Not Me”
Pro “Gone Tomorrow”
Mellow Drum Addict and Short Stop “Science Down to a Method”
Japhia Life “Think What We Had”
Kaleb Starr “Good Life”
Kaleb Starr “I Can’t Wait”
116 Clique “This Is My Heart (feat. Sho Baraka)”
Dj Morph “What They Need”
Willie Will “God’s Been Good”
Kimba “Stay Tuned”
Flame “TO My Heart”
Everyday Process “Heart to Heart”
Smooth Rapture “Magnify”
Trip Lee “Cling to You (feat. Shai Linne)”
Theory Hazit “Deep Breaths”
Tony Stone “D.I.C.E.”
Willie Will “God’s Will”

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