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Interview with Kre8tor

November 10th, 2007

RHH: What up everyone, we’re here with Kre8tor just talkin a little bit about himself, his faith, and his brand new album about to drop this February called “The Battle”.

How you doin?

Im doing good just working up the album and listening to what God wants me to bring to the album,The most important thing to me is not to just create an album but create an album that will touch peoples lives feel me.

R: First and foremost, I think a lot of people out there just wanna know a little bit about your faith, how’d you come to a Christ centered life?

K: My faith is the most important thing to me no one can take that away from me even in death my faith still exists feel me.
I’m a very realistic christian in the way i talk and think. Im not perfect and im not scared to write about real things that
us christian really go thru. I’ve been in the streets I know about the gang bang lifestyle, I’ve been homeless, I’ve had money I’ve had no money, I know how it feels when you have no one by your side not even your parents. Thats why christ is so real to me, I can be broke right now and still be happy, I can have death all around me and not be afraid that is only because of the power of God, let me stop before I start
preachin lol.

R: When and where did you start to get into the hip hop game? Has it always been for the Lord, or were you once doin’ it secular?

K: I was saved early in my teen years God blessed me with the gift of music befor that I never created music. I then backslided later in my teen years and began a life of death and serving the devil. I continued for a long time like that, eventually I moved to Long Beach California and met up with the rapper THE GAME (former G Unit member) and became his main producer for his label THE BLACKWALLSTREET. They wanted me to become apart of there gang bang lifestyle and I decided not to do it so that was that. Then I started my own label and got distribution thru Thump/Universal and started promoting death and destruction to the streets… it’s a long story, but thank God im back in God’s kingdom where I needed to be.
When I came back to christ it was almost like I woke up from being dead it was a crazy feeling.

R: I know theres some heads out there right now reading this who might not be saved, or who have really struggled through life, weather it be growing up in the hood or some other troubles they got, do you have any encouraging words for us?

K: I would say to believe, that’s all you have to do. It is a very powerful thing, it can build you or destroy you, if you believe you’re worthless, then that’s how you will live, If you believe God hates you, then that will destroy your relationship with Christ. You need to believe that God loves you and he doesn’t want you to live like you live,He wants to be there for you when your depressed, He wants to hold you when your alone, he wants to be a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless but you have to believe.

You know it amazes me your so quick to believe in rappers, your homies, money. Girls, bling, clothes, But someone like me can tell you God loves you and you get mad or laugh… why is that, aren’t you tired? I know your tired of being perenoid or feeling like no one is there for you. God doesn’t expect you to be perfect he just wants you to give your life to him and for you to leave that life of lies behind. If your really from da block you know like I know sooner or later da block will get you, Don’t wait before it’s to late I almost did. Thats real talk.

R: In an email you said something about making the video for your track “What If” yourself, and it’s obvious to me that you’ve been blessed with more talents than just rapping and producing. when did you get into editing videos? And can we expect another from you?

K: Yeah God has blessed me with the gift of music production,video editing, building websites, artwork and soon to come my Christian animation series I’m working on. But as far as the videos, YEAH I SHOOT AND EDIT ALL OF MY VIDEOS, make sure to look out for my new one coming soon called THE BATTLE, AND MORE AS THE ALBUM GETS COMPLETED.

R: What album are you listening to right now — What’s sounding real good to you in the Holy Hip Hop genre?

K: To be real with you I have my music playing everywhere I’m at because I’m really concentrating on the album. But other then that theres a few that I’m feelin in this game Da Truth, Corey Red, theres a a lot, feel me, it makes me proud to know God’s word is out here for these streets instead of these kids just listening to 50 cent or T.I. etc feel me.

R: Alright man, thanks again for your time, and for your music, we are really blessed over here at, that people like you are puttin it down for the Lord in a real way. Before we go, shout some heads out for us.

K: I would like to give thanks to Christ of course. and for their support in the lord. All my fans who feel what God has given me.
Traci my official midwest connect, My famz, everyone who is a true soldier and understands that if you ain’t G.O.D (God Over Dollars) then your spirit is fake.

the battle

“The Battle” can be bought off Kre8tors’ Myspace.
More info can be found at

Japhia Life Video Interview

September 20th, 2007

I just found this japhia life video interview on google video, its 20 minutes long. Hes got some good thing to say about how life and faith connect, and talks a lot about being in the rapping business.

archived show #28

July 8th, 2007

Tonights show was chalk-full of brand new music and a special interview with Mark Arthur.

The homie Will also came by in the later half of the show to bless us with the word.
He also gave me a stack of vintage Reality Hip Hop recordings, I’ll be converting them to mp3 and putting em up on the site as I get the time to do it, so be on the look out, and be blessed.