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June 7 2009

June 9th, 2009

I went to edit this weeks show right now and found it to only be 12 minutes long, not sure what happened! I’m going to post the playlist right now anyways for those of you who listened live. Really don’t know what happened, sorry about this!

Instead, I have posted a throwback show, from 2006, hosted and mixed by the OG host, The Humble Servant. Waaay back when the show was still called G-RAP!

Click for June 7 2009 Playlist

Winter Semester SHow #7

March 3rd, 2008

We decided to switch thing sup a little bit here tonight. The first half of this show is east coast, southern, and some underground weastcoast, the second half is purely southern california hip hop. You knew it was coming, and we had to do it! haha

So for all the westcoast heads out there, this shows for you guys! `

Fall Semester Show #5

November 12th, 2007

DJ Will back in the studio this show, good to have him back.

The levels are a little off, like last week, I think we are going to have to talk to the station manager to come up with a better way of hooking our mixer up, because that alone makes the job so much easier, and more enjoyable, but it has been a hassle getting those levels right.

So next week we either drop the mixer or figure it out. Cross your fingers this is the last show with such bad levels!

Also disregard the “fund drive” and donation stuff — that was required of us by the station to ask for, as it is once a year on KCSB.

Fall Semester Show #3

October 29th, 2007

Yet another show, this one, like last week went sadly without the homie DJ Will, out on business in NYC, but hes been gone so long I’m beginning to think it has turned into a vacation! Ha, just playin, I know you’re out there workin hard, if not on a job, then for the Lord.

As I stated during the show, there will be an exclusive interview up sometime within the next week or so, with the one and only Kre8tor . talking a little bit about his faith, and his brand new album, “The Battle”

Summer Semester show #10

September 1st, 2007

I was all alone in the studio tonight, dj will couldnt make it because of work, but look forward to hearing from him next week.

I played one track twice by mistake, the first I played in my regular set, the second was in a pre-made mix that I did last night. Hopefully you all don’t mind, ha. That’ll teach me to remember my playlist next time.

This show ends with a thirty minute West Coast mix, we’ve been getting some people who are interesting in hearing it, so I’ll be collecting more and start doing longer west coast sets for all the west coast heads out there.

Tonight’s old skool track was by 1WAY, off the album “Destination Unknown”

Summer Semester Show #9

August 27th, 2007

Well here it is, a little late this week, cus I’ve been busy but it’s here to stay now.
This show againw as closed out with DJ Will, doing a good job, and I think listeners are liking to hear our two different perspectives on holy hip hop. And I know I personally always like to hear what he puts down.

Again we threw in a track from back in the day, 1989 to be exact, by the homies SFC or “Soldiers For Christ”with their album titled “Listen Up”. This album was their first, of seven, their latest being “Eargasmic Arrangement” , released in 2003.
This old skool flash back is a new thing we will be doing each week. This show has been on the air since 89, and a lot of cats don’t know where Holy Hip hop came from (I’m learning like the rest of you) so we are going to do our best each week to bring at least one old skool track to the table for all you guys to check out.

SFC-Listen Up
Purchase SFC “Listen Up” on TAPE, $2.00 right here