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Kaleb Starr – Na Na

August 9th, 2007

Hey everyone, I’ve decided that it’s time we do a little bit more with this ministry, by keeping this website up to date with album, and track reviews, along with bible verses and even thoughts on different passages.
I am going to do my best to update at least twice a week.

So to start this new idea off on the right foot, I’d like to talk about an album I just received in the mail today.

Kaleb Starr – No Matter What

I put this in my cd player while I was working on a few different things, and every track just seemed to jump out at me in a different way, the whole album is great. Its so new that I still haven’t been able to really take the whole album in, but I find myself playing a certain track over and over again. Track 4, “Na Na”. It’s a track on the subject of The Rapture (or the second coming, and last judgment, or to non-Christians, “the end of the world”). The subject is touchy to many, some don’t even want to hear about it, and skip revelation (the book in the bible that describes it in detail) completely! Well it’s not something to miss, and not something to skip, it’s also not something to fear, but something to actually look forward to as Kaleb Starr illustrates in this amazing track.
Instead of taking the path of straight scaring you to faith, as some people do, he empowers you to faith, but doesn’t shy around the fact that the rapture is the end and your either goin to heaven of hell in that time with lyrics like:

/ Why you livin for a tomorrow that might not exist /
/ You think that lifes hell black? You gun wish for your worst times back /

But I’ll stop talkin now, just download the track and listen for yourself, listen for the power you got over the devil and hell when you got Christ on your side.

archived show #28

July 8th, 2007

Tonights show was chalk-full of brand new music and a special interview with Mark Arthur.

The homie Will also came by in the later half of the show to bless us with the word.
He also gave me a stack of vintage Reality Hip Hop recordings, I’ll be converting them to mp3 and putting em up on the site as I get the time to do it, so be on the look out, and be blessed.