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History of Reality Hip Hop

August 14th, 2007

Reality Hip Hop actually began out in the high desert area of the Antelope Valley (Palmdale/Lancaster), California way back in 1989.
The Lord spoke to Walt -or- “The Humble Servant” while he was ‘pushing weight’ in his garage. The Lord basically said, “You will play rap music on the air –and preach the Gospel.” That in itself is a miracle because at the time The Humble Servant HATED rap music, and did not like speaking in front of audiences — let alone speaking on the radio.

But the Lord changed his heart quickly when my sister-in-law gave him his first ever Christian rap cassettes in 89, for Christmas! Over the next year he collected everything he could get his hands on (no internet remember!) and with in one year The Humble Servant was on the air at 105.5 KAVC-FM located in Rosamond, CA, broadcasting over the entire Antelope Valley — again, this was another miracle, because the station manager (when The Humble Servant first approached him) said he would ‘NEVER’ play rap music on the air. 3 months later, he was on the air, by the grace of God, doing a 30 minute hip-hop show, which quickly evolved into an hour long show.

The show was first called “The Power of R.A.P.” (Rhythmic Anointed Poetry), hosted by The Humble Servant, then known as, “The Kid of The King”.

In the spring of 94′ the Lord told The Humble Servant, very clearly, to “go back home”, meaning Carpinteria, CA.
After interning for a quarter at 91.9fm KCSB, he was on Saturdays from 1-3 pm. At this time the show was called “God’s Rhythmic Anointed Poetry”(GRAP).
In 2005 Rory, or “The Lords Bomb Servant” joined the show, as the permanent MC, giving sermons at the top and bottom of every hour, until his leaving to become a pastor in his home town, San Diego.
In 2006 Zach or “Pinecone” heard the show, and “Holy Hip Hop”, for the first time, before this he did a weekly secular hip hop show on the same station (91.9fm KCSB), at the time he was a shoddy Christian. But was still moved by the Holy Spirit, to offer them a website, webspace and a podcast.

Late 2006, The Humble Servant was called to leave the show in Pinecone’s hands for the time being, so that he could do missionary work in Mexico. Pinecone has been growing rapidly in faith, and has been devoting all spare time to the website, and to finding brand new music to play on the show.

Around the same time, the show was renamed to “Reality Hip Hop” which was felt to be a shorter and and more catchy name, also paying homage to The Humble Servants church, Reality Carpinteria / Hollywood.

July of 2007, Will joined the show to become the new MC, and assistant DJ. And that brings us to now —

Reality Hip Hop, reppin Christ
~since 1989~


  1. I was driving home from LA to visit my family in Lompoc. I happened upon your station and time slot. It’s kind of a early Christmas present to have happened upon the show. I really liked the beats at first, but really enjoyed the lyrical content. God Bless

    Comment by scott — December 25, 2007 @ 10:17 pm

  2. I heard about you through one of the brothers at the church. I go to Reality Ventura, and I am a Christian hiphop dj.I spin for some local artist called Flamin Souljaz. I also spun at the West coast hiphop conference,”Califest” with Dj Heat, Dj Redeemed, and Xray. Christian Hiphop has been a great evangelistic tool in community out reach.It has also been a blessing to me a music fanatic and beat junkie for the Lord. Hopefully we can hook up sometime. Your brother in Christ. Dj Ray, Ray Martinez.

    Comment by Ray Martinez — January 1, 2010 @ 10:28 am

  3. @scott
    Glad you were feelin it bro!

    That’s sick, I thought we were the only ones in the area spinning HHH, I’ll hit you up personally on your email right now, you’ll have to let me know the next event you do

    Comment by DJ SOS — January 6, 2010 @ 11:26 am

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